knee pain running

Knee pain go away!

Have you been told that you need knee surgery and to stop running, dancing and exercise?
You have tried Kinesiotape, spiky balls, a gazillion core workouts and glute exercises. But nothing seems to work!
Sometimes what you need is a Chiropractor who understands sports injury. Want a second opinion? Read on.

Gonstead chiropractic

Specific chiropractic. Ever heard of Gonstead chiropractic?

Hi! My name is Benjamin Loh, chiropractor in Petaling Jaya. My latest learning journey has brought me to learn Gonstead chiropractic. It is a system of analysis where Xrays of your spine (or shoulder and knee if that's what you need) are analysed. Lines are drawn to mark out whether there is internal rotation, external rotation, etc. 

WHY does this matter? Because Xrays can show WHERE there is a problem. It could be degeneration, something twisted up, etc. The Xray will show it and there is no guesswork of what and where to adjust. I do not simply crack your spine to make noises. If you like cracking noises rather than SPECIFIC adjustments, then I'm not for you.  

It has been a long (and expensive) learning journey for me! I have attended seminars run by podiatrists, Western osteopaths, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and finally Gonstead chiropractors.  Everything has been integrated into the MBA protocol to help you recover faster.

Chiropractor in Petaling Jaya Dr. Benjamin Loh

What does a Chiropractor know about physiotherapy?

As a chiropractor, I got strange looks when I attended the World Congress for Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy) a few years ago. Hey, what's a chiro doing at a physio congress?!

Here's the secret. Physiotherapy is a LOT more than using fancy machines and prescribing strength exercises. How do I know? I used to struggle with knee pain and shoulder pain. I have spent thousands on custom made insoles in Australia and Malaysia, as well as every imaginable treatment ranging from rolfing, exercise therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and even bone setting (tit dar also spelt tit tar). 

At the Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy) congress, I learned a new paradigm called brain based rehab instead of the conventional strengthening exercises. My aha moment came when I realised that anytime you get injured, your  tendons and ligaments send fuzzy nerve signals to your body. It's like bad wifi... And you lose coordination, balance, and can't switch on the right muscles. 

I have recovered from knee pain and shoulder pain and am enjoying hiphop dance, workouts, and taichi. I can help you too!

Here's what you get

Effective and safe treatment plan

High tech rehab including laser and shockwave therapy

Deep understanding of your exercise needs

No false promises

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