Covid19 : should you worry?

Yes, Covid19 is spreading throughout the world and there are increasing deaths. You should take precaution but NOT panic.


Let’s analyse the Covid19 deaths in Italy.

Use Google translate.

The deceased were elderly (age 70 years and above)

However, that’s not all. Take a look at the other paragraph.

Those who succumbed ALSO had an EXISTING illness or condition (aka comorbidity). These conditions are hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, and diabetes.

Covid19 deaths in China also have a similar profile: elderly AND have an existing illness or condition.

Also bear in mind that many people in China are smokers. So, as the virus leads to symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, it’s probably doubly difficult for a heavy smoker.

So, think again. Don’t panic!

If you’re relatively young and don’t have these conditions, your immune system can fight off the virus.

P.S. Just because your immune system can fight off the virus doesn’t mean you should do risky stuff. Such as going to crowded areas, travelling etc.

Bear in mind that if you’re living with elderly people who have an existing illness, whatever germs you contact might be hazardous to them. So, please be sensible and responsible.

If you have a fever and cough, please visit a medical doctor or hospital. Do not do self-treatment!