Flat feet tips for you

Flat feet is a common problem: the inner arch is low (flat) and people who have it usually get tired feet after walking a short while. Some may also experience their ankle rolling in too much, otherwise known as overpronation. There are two types of flat feet: rigid and flexible (also known as functional type) flat feet.

If you have the flexible type of flat feet, then you are lucky: do some of these exercises and the foot arch will form nicely. As a chiropractor, in my clinic    I have seen some people who have the flexible type of flat feet. People usually think of buying insoles (orthotics), motion control shoes, but do they really need it? Come for an assessment and you will know.

Here are  some exercises that you can try for better feet strength and stability.

Finally everyone’s favourite question: do you need orthotics (insoles). Watch this video.

In our experience, some people definitely need orthotics (insoles), while other don’t. In my centre, we always assess and don’t guess.







Tips to improve your ballet

Ballet is a great sport for improving your posture, coordination, leg and core stability. As a chiropractor, in my clinic I have treated several ballet performers. Here are a few common problems that I have seen among those who do  ballet.

ballet performance

Firstly, ballet uses lots of the hip muscles at the front and back. The front ones are psoas, rectus femoris (part of the quads muscle), and sartorius. Overuse of some muscle can lead to problems such as clicking noise when you lift up the thigh. Some tips are showed in these videos.

Here is a stretch for the rectus femoris muscle (part of quads)

At the end of the day, you need balanced strength in various muscles. One other area I see is overuse of toe extensor muscles in ballet. What do I mean? Check this video

One other problem that I see in my clinic, is lack of QL (quadratus lumborum) muscle usage. This muscle is really useful to help stabilize the body when you jump. Take a look at this video tip

dance jump

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