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What's your goal?

Is stiffness and pain restricting your active life? Whether you are a student or office worker, we can help you kick shoulder and back stiffness away. Relieve tension headaches too, so that you can be more productive and lead an active life. Want excellent health and wellness? Join one of our fun exercise classes and seminars.

Attention dancers, gym freaks, yoga, kickboxing fans, or weekend warriors! We can help rehab your shoulder, knee, ankle and feet. Get a tune up, so you can blaze the dance floor, gym, swimming pool and trail.


Our philosophy

Having been in the trenches, Dr. Benjamin (Chiropractor) realised that adjusting patients (high speed thrust or 'twisting') did not bring lasting effects. Frustrated by this, he attended numerous workshops that were conducted by experienced physiotherapists, podiatrist (foot specialist) and other experts. This has culminated in the unique MBA philosophy, to help you win the battle and restart your active life. We combine:


Precise MOVEMENT means less strain on the shoulders, back and knees. Imagine running without knee pain or using a laptop without getting sore shoulders.


Deep BREATHING relaxes the body and engages your core for stability. We help you achieve it by activating specific reflex points. No complicated sucking in, pushing out the abs.


Good ALIGNMENT means less strain. When did you last realign your wheels? Check your teeth? Your spine? Chiropractors usually deliver adjustments ('twisting') to help improve this aspect.

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